RODEL BAÑARES is the head librarian and project developer of  the Philippine Zen Library Project.  He took up AB Political Science in Adamson University (1991) and AB Communication Arts in Angelicum College (1996).  He was a cartoonist for “The Philippine Pulse”, an english language tabloid of Monica Publications  and was head of Angelicum College’s PR & Alumni Affairs Office from 1998 to 2005.  Rodel also worked with Mediaserv Advertising for the first anniversary spread of Mossimo.  He was Project Development Consultant for Southern Broadcasting Network’s Mom’s Radio, also in 2005.  In 2013, he received a Statement of Accomplishment from the University of Tokyo’s Online Offering of ‘ Conditions of War and Peace’ under Professor Kiichi Fujiwara, Graduate School for Laws and Politics, Policy Alternative Research Institute, The University of Tokyo. Rodel is a visual artist, blogger and a member of Zen Center Manila.

CESAR “SARS” CARLOS is a librarian and co-developer of the Philippine Zen Library Project.  He was a political detainee during the Martial Law era and a member of Claimants 1081. He is also active with the creation of  “The Martial Law Files”.  He is a businessman and a member of Zen Center Manila and web administrator of the Zen Center Manila website.